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I’ve gathered together a few links to the stuff I use and books I’ve found useful. They are affiliate links, so I get a little something if you buy anything but it won’t cost you any extra.

They are on this list for a reason: I’ve used a lot of stuff and these work best for me.  I’ll add to the list as I discover and try out new stuff


The Proxxon hot wire cutter. It’s solid, accurate and cuts seamlessly (operator skill required)
 Xuron sprue cutters. Thin tip to get into awkward places and seem to stay indefinitely sharp.
Razor Saw. Essential for cutting balsa and thick plastic
Standing workbench. If you’re at the bench for prolonged periods it’s nice to be stand up and stretch a bit while you work. I couple this with a bar type stool with a back.

Balsa strip cutter. Don’t buy packs of precut beams – make your own (and custom widths too).

Works on foamcore, xps foam and foamex too if your careful.

3-2-1 Blocks are heavy steel boxes, accurately measured and made with 90° angles. Great for holding things down or together at a right angles while they dry.


Army Painter acrylic paints. Great for brush painting, great range of colours and their Quickshades are a doddle to use and give great results. They come in sensible bottles (that don’t spill when knocked over) and last ages.
Loctite superglue. My goto super glue. Easy to apply, flows predictably. Sticks most stuff.
Balsa wood. I use a lot of balsa in my scratchbuilding. Buy it in sheets and get a balsa strip cutter and save yourself a fortune on buying pre-cut beams (and get them in any width you like).
Foamex is a much more rigid version of foam core. Harder to cut, great if you’re building larger structures.
Grafix 12 x 12-inch Medium Weight Chipboard Sheets. There’s cheaper chipboard but this stuff cuts and glues beautifully.
Winsor & Newton oils. Buy a set and it lasts literally years. You can’t beat an oil wash for picking out detail and shadows. Dilute it with Sansodor odourless thinners.
UMP Thinner, thins anything acrylic based I’ve sprayed through my brush. Last ages, makes your paint go further, works.
Just like their cleaner. Doesn’t need much and it works.
Extruded polystyrene sheet – this is the 10mm thick stuff, it’s also available in other thicknesses. Often sold as builders insulation foam.
Olde Schoole Games Workshop book. A great starter book with some easy to build, great looking terrain. Lots of ideas for further builds too.
Sansodor odourless thinners. Better than a headache!
Serious Play forest floor flock. A nice mix of floor mulch.
Serious play clumping flock. This has tiny purple particles in it, perfect for clumps of flowers.
Milliput white – finer than the standard.
UMP Clay washes are an alternative to oil washes. Use in a similar way but clean off with water. Great for panel lines and adding grime to terrain.
Woodland Scenics pine trees. They are bendable and hold their shape.
Serious play static grass. Loads of colours and sizes to choose from.
Serious play static grass clumps. Again, loads of colours and sizes.
Tamiya Extra Thin plastic glue. Liquid plastic glue. Brush along a join. Dries clear.


on ebay
Serious Play. I get the majority of my flocks, static grass tufts and odd bits and bobs from Serious play. They often have bulk offers on too.
 on ebay The Troll Trader. I buy a lot of TT Combat MDF kits from the Troll Trader but they aren’t just limited to MDF.


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