Scratchbuilt Wargames Terrain: Ruined Highland Chapel

This is the first piece I’ve built directly for sale on ebay. I wanted something that would multi-genre and multi-use to give it more wide appeal.

I settled on the following after reminiscing about wild camping in the Scottish highlands with a friend. It’s a themed set of ‘scatter’ terrain made from chunks of ruined chapel. I didn’t take any build pictures unfortunately but the process was pretty simple:

The Build

The walls were made from roughly shaped 5mm foam core. I used a cardboard template to ensure all the doors and windows were of the same size

After cutting out the walls, I distressed the edges with my fingernail and then lined the windows and door arches with thin cardstock to give the stonework effect. I glued them together with titebond 2 and held the pieces with pins while they dried.

Once it had dried, I textured the walls with a mix of PVA, fine sand and ready mixed polyfilla. I sprinkled fine gravel and sand around the base of the walls held in place with PVA.

The Paint

After attaching them to the bases, I gave the whole lot a poundland primer undercoat and when that was dry, I washed the walls with watery black acrylic to pick out the shadows. I gave the walls a drybrush of mid-grey using vertical strokes, top to bottom and finished with an almost white highlight on the very edges.

A added green and brown washes to the walls were vegetation and mould might grow.

I flocked the ground using regular railway flock (I think it was woodland scenics – I’ve long since thrown the packet away) and added clumps of ebay bought static grass clumps.

I gave the grass flock a couple of washes of green and brown to add a bit of variety.

The wooden floors are balsa wood, painted with lifecolor wood acrylics.

All in all a fun, quick build. Look out for more wargames terrain builds coming soon…

If you like this build or any of my others and would like to hire me, drop me a line!

This piece has sold on ebay If you like it, you should have put a bid on it! (or contact me about bespoke builds)




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