Build & Review: Zvesda #6198 1/72 German Infantry in Winter Uniform 1941-1945

248336-11104-61These are the first Zvesda figures I’ve bought and certainly won’t be the last. They have great detail, no flash lines and make a great choice for ‘character’ figures.

OOTB you get 5 figures in various poses. All figures are multi-part and there is a little wiggle room for positioning arms and legs.

I got this set to compliment a Tiger 1 tank I’d built in a ruined Russian town set in Winter, here’s how they went together…

Assembly was quick. With nothing to fill or sand.

I under coated them with Poundland grey primer and base coated the figures using Tamiya and Vallejo acrylics. I use a big (5 inch), freehand magnifying glass to stave of the eye strain…

Once they’d dried I gave them a heavy acrylic dark brown wash. Laying the wash so it pooled around the face and details. It’s important to let them dry upright with an acrylic wash so it pools in the shadows properly.

A feather light drybrush once the wash was thoroughly dry and a build up of snowy white and they are good to go…

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