Humvee, HMMWV M1025

Build & Review: Revell #03137 : 1/72 HMMWV (Humvee) M1025 Armament Carrier

The Kit

I’d been searching for a 1/72 Humvee for a while to add to my New Age Desert Rats build (Bradley, Cargo Truck, Apache, Troops). This kit by Revell is no longer in production (I’m informed) but

you can still pick it up on ebay for around £15. It’s actually two kits, with 3 options. I opted for the M1025 Armament Carrier for this build.

The Build

Kit assembly went without a problem with the sub assembles falling into the logical set of wheel, seats, body, roof and turret machine gun.

There’s not many parts (most of them seem to be taken up by the frame underneath, out of view) so assembly was quick and only took an evening.

I didn’t want to weather it too much so I started with an undercoat of Poundland primer grey and then a base coat of the darkest shade from the Vallejo Desert Modulation set.

I sprayed in the centre of the panels and faded out towards the edges. Then came the mid tone from the set, I’d leave the highlight colour till after the decals are down as it’s light enough to work as weathering scratches.

A gloss coat & quick oil wash of burnt umber was all that was needed to pick out the detail. There were no decals with this kit (this was an ebay purchase – an unopened shop bought box may well have decals) and tbh, I don’t think it needs them.

After a light drybrush of the very lightest shade from the set, dragged across the model in the direction that wear would occur finished off the simple paint job. I picked out the gun in matt black and gave it a drybrush of light grey.

A dusting around the wheels of AK pigments for dust and grime and I was done.

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