Build & Review : Revell #03117: 1/72 Battle Damaged Pz Kpfw III Ausf. M

102188-13652-52I had been looking for a tank to put on the back of Tank Transporter. I needed something that I could bash up a bit so ended up picking this Panzer – the side skirts in particular could take quite a battering.

My idea was to depict a tank that had rolled over a mine so extensive damage to the front left hand side was in order.

This was a fiddly build due to the amount of small parts that had to be painted separately and attached towards the end of the build. The revel kit fitted very nicely, even after I’d bent a few bits completely askew.

On to the build

After the main components had been assembled I set about creating the damage. I focused on the front left hand side and went at the plastic with knives, saws and pliers. I tried to fan out the damage from one location to simulate the blast.

I also battered the side panels, completely bending and breaking the ones closes to the blast. I kept back the very front one to paint up as an undamaged replacement. I also kept the wheels too.

Next, everything got prepared for painting.

I undercoated the tracks on the sprue. This is the first time I’ve used this link ‘n length style tracks. I’m not a massive fan.

Next I preshaded with matt black, going quite heavy as it will be heavily weathered.

I used the MIG Early German colours set (#7100) and started with a Dunklegelb basecoat. Focusing on the centre of the panels and fading out to the edges.

Next came freehand splodges of Dunklebrun with a smaller splodge of Dunklevert inside.

I left the replacement pieces without cammo to make them look factory fresh.

I gave the track links a base coat of black and them a drybrush with Tamiya gunmetal.

I hand painted the road tires and attached them.

Next I attached the link ‘n length tracks. Thankfully any mistakes and gaps should get hidden by the side skirts…

Next, I picked out any remaining details on the hull, such as the exhausts and attached the side plate frame.

I gloss coated the whole thing with Vallejo gloss and gave it a heavy, dark wash of Burnt Umber + Black oil paint thinned with Sansodor.

Once it had dried I removed the wash from the centre of the panels with Sansodor on a cotton bud.

Now the destructive part. I first heavily chipped the whole tank with Vallejo Black Brown on a sponge then I crumbled up some cheap oil wax pastels, black, brown & grey quite roughly. I then started to build up the pastels around the damaged area.

Next I attached the side panels.

And worked on the damaged area bit more.

Finally, I matt coating the whole model and applied dust pigments in the obvious places.

All that was left to do was to take it outside and get some natural light shots…


Check out the trailer I put together to haul it off the battlefield and the Sd.Kfz 9/1 I built to tow it.

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