Build & Review: Hobby Boss #87218 1/72 AH-64A Apache In Israeli Desert Cam

101359-bAnother addition to my growing Modern Desert Rats builds (Bradley, 8×8 Cargo Truck, Humvee, Troops), this time it’s the Apache AH-64A with a twist. I’ve opted for the Israeli desert camouflage. Make’s a change from all that black.

I’m not really a ‘helicopter guy’ but the pictures of the real thing looked cool enough to tempt me out of my comfort zone.

It’s a surprisingly simple kit that went together over a couple of nights on the hangouts.¬†Unfortunately, the canopy glass on my kit had a nasty crack it in even though it came well packaged. It’s not super noticeable so I wasn’t too worried.

On with the build…

I started with the cockpit, nicely detailed but it was a pain getting the decals to sit. You can’t see them through the canopy so I didn’t spend too much time on them.

I couldn’t find any reference shots of the cockpit interior but it looks dark from the outside. I base coated it flat black and gave the edges a very light drybrush of light grey.

Fitting was painless but there were a few gaps that needed filling here and there…

Once the two halves were joined, I attached the masked canopy with Micro Crystal Clear and continued with the exterior.

Once all the components were built (no real issues, just follow the instructions), it was time to put some paint on. I started my usual grey Poundland primer and a black preshade followed by a sand base coat and highlight, feathering out from the center of panels.

I did the same with a dark earth brown and free handed the camo pattern based on reference photos. That was followed by a slightly lighter dark earth brown highlight.

Once it was dry, I clear coated it with Vallejo Gloss where the decals would go and applied the decals. Thankfully there weren’t too many. I set them in place with Micro Sol. It took a couple of good soaking to get the decals to sink into the panel lines, nooks and crannies.

Next, I clear coated the whole thing and applied a black + burnt umber oil wash. These birds are kept spotlessly clean, this felt like sacrilege.

Once it had dried, I started to take the majority off, leaving it built up in the panel lines and in the hard to reach places.

It took a couple of cleans to get it to where I wanted it.

I matt coated it to take the shine off and gave it a light bright sand drybrush to grab the edges.

All that was left was to assemble the sub-assemblies (all thankfully black). I rubbed a 2B pencil over the rotor assembly to give it a metallic sheen.

And take it outside for some daylight shots.

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