Quick Builds: Soil Barricades

While the workshop is out of action (almost there) I had a dig through my photo archives and found these I made around the same time I made my rock pile scatter terrain. It’s a useful way to use up any balsa and foam scraps you have.

The Build

I started with some bits of pink builders insulation foam I had in the offcuts box. I roughly shaped one side to 45 degrees and stuck them with PVA to bases cut from 5mm PVC Foamex board. (Here’s where I get mine).

Once they’d dried I broke up planks of balsa and bamboo skeweres, textured by dragging a razor saw over them and glued them into place behind the foam. A few planks along the bottom hide the join and provide a firing step for the embattled troops.

I mixed up some PVA, ready mixed polyfilla, grit and sand into a thick paste and liberally covered the front and base to give a hastily piled up dirt look. Make the mixture thick enough and you can layer it to give a slightly stepped front.

I stuck small slate chips (buy a BIG bag from a garden center which will last the rest of your life) into the still wet polufilla and waited for it to dry.

The Paint

I undercoated it with cheapo acrylic craft paint applied with a 1/2 inch brush.

Once the black base coat had dried I picked out the woodwork with life colour weathered wood paints.

The soil was dry brushed from dark earth black to a rich earth brown and then the whole piece washed with watered down black acrylic.

The rocks were dry brushed from the base black to a light grey and again washed with black acrylic.

I randomly flocked the dirt with a handful of my ‘bag I collect of odd bits of flock n stuff in’ and stuck on pinches of static grass with pva to form sods.

All done, ready for the table.

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