Moving on up! Model Maker Workroom Build (Part 1)

Not my usually build/review post but a ‘build’ none-the-less. As my hobby grows, so does the space needed to accommodate it. My current workroom is a small spare bedroom in a small house which has served me well but I’m running out of shelf space. Some of the bigger terrain pieces I have planned need a dedicated build space and my current PC/Hardware setup is abysmal.

So, I’ve decided to outfit a new workroom. My bedroom is the biggest room in the house, and all I do is sleep in it, so I’m swapping the rooms over.

It’s been a long time since my bedroom has been redecorated so I’ve stripped everything out down to the floorboards and am currently refitting the space as a dedicated workroom. Here’s the plan:

This gives me triple the workspace area and twice the shelf space of my current setup. PC/Webcam’s will go in the top right corner directly connected to the broadband router so my connection should be a lot better. Previously I’d connected network-over-mains-cable as my old house walls are too thick for wifi. While it worked, it always felt a bit sluggish.

I’m swapping out my old PC for a better one too so that should improve frame rates and hangout quality. I might upgrade the webcam too but that’s not critical.

The large center table is for big builds and the hotwire cutter. It’s under the ceiling light in front of the main window so there should be plenty of light. I plan to store large sheet material flat underneath to stop it warping – a problem I currently have. I’ve tried to give as much access to the table from all sides as I can. Sometimes it’s easier for you to move than the thing that you’re working on.

The shelves are cheap (£20 each) B&Q metal shelves. They aren’t free standing so I’ll be attaching them to wooden battens screwed into the wall and each other. This is my current setup and works well. Each shelf fits 2 Wilko cheap (£3 ish) folding baskets. Top shelf will be for displaying builds and storing WIPs.

Over on the right next to the PC is my small assembly / painting area. I don’t use a spray booth – but I might (bottom left hand corner next to the window is currently unused…)

The workbenches (£40 ebay) are steel framed and very sturdy and have pegboard backs so I can hang frequently used bits & bobs within easy reach. This is also my current setup although I have splashed out on another workbench and various better quality hooks.

The webcam for hangouts and live streams will be set up to run from here. I like the overhead view of just my hands and workpiece (no-one want’s to see THIS face 😮 ) but need to sort my cabling out.

My current lighting setup (2 big daylight lamps) is Ok, but I have to get the lights pretty close to the workpiece and this often gets in the way of the cam so I’ve bought 5 meters of LED daylight striplights to fit overhead. You can’t have too much light!

There’ll be space under the benches to host my printer and newly acquired silhouette portrait cutter too.

Currently, my bedroom is in the front room downstairs and my model room is a bombsite but I’m attacking it a bit at a time and making progress. With a good wind I should be getting some shelves in this weekend.

More updates as they happen. If you can’t wait – follow me on twitter!


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