Moving on up! Model Maker Workroom Build (Part 2)

After a couple of weeks of work (mainly weekends) I’ve got everything assembled and in place.

All the shelves have been battened to the walls and screwed to each other. It’s probably the strongest structure in my (pre 1960’s build) house!

I had to jiggle the spacing between shelving units at the corners as the baskets I’m using stick out a few inches wider than the shelves and were blocking one another. This means I didn’t have quite enough room to get shelves all the way down the wall – it worked out ok, the bottom corner next to the bench is where the internet and electrics are and it’s much easier to access them without a shelf in the way.

This storage nook was starting to get a bit dark…

– in fact lighting in general was becoming a bit of an issue. I’d bought a 5m led strip light to go over my bench, but the mains cable was too short. I decided to repurpose it and managed to get it to span almost the whole length of the shelves.

Much better 🙂

I moved the bench from the old room and set it up without too many problems.

I layed anti fatigue/anti slip mats along the walk spaces. This had the added benefit of hiding cables to the center shelves so I could get power to the center of the room.

I managed to salvage a few useful shelving units which I’ve stacked over the bench – a place where I traditionally put things and lose them!

Hmm.. it’s a bit dark! I’ve been using two of those lights on my desk for a few years now and, while they’re nice and bright, the bases take up a lot of workbench and were forever getting in the way. Time for an upgrade!

Much better!

Last to put together is my layout table. Made from 1/2 a shelf and some 12mm hardwood ply. I used length of wood underneath to provide lots of sheet material storage – something my last setup was sadly lacking.

Now all that remains is to tidy through and organise the boxes and get some building done!

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