FAMO Sd.Fkz. 9/1

Build & Review: Trumpeter #07251: Sd.Kfz. 9/1 mit Drehkran 6t auf Zugkraftwagen 18t

The Kit

106174-10263I love building tank transports and I love the FAMO so it was about time I combined them. I started with the Trumpeter Sd.Fkz. 9/1

This is an excellent kit, full of detail. It looks like it’s based on a common Trumpet half track frame which gives a solid foundation for the crane and cab.

The crane is modeled with rivet detail and comes with a piece of thread for the rigging.

The truck bed is wooden planking with plenty of space to stash some storage. The dash is pretty sparse but reference photo’s of the real thing show this to be true.

The engine is nicely done so I planned to model it with the side panels open as if they FAMO was stopped and the crew were letting it cool down.

Why would it over heat? Because it’ll be pulling a tank transporter trailer and my ruined Pz Kpfw III! The finished dio will have the repair crew just starting work on the tank.

The Build

I pretty much followed the build instructions apart from leaving the tracks till the very end. It’s a steady build with only a few places where you have to take your time (the wheels, so many wheels…).

I started with the engine and noticed the instructions showed two protuberances from the engine block that were missing on the kit. A chopped the end off 1mm plastic rod a few times till I had 4 that were the same size.

The rest of the chassis went together with no problems. Take care cutting the exhaust off the sprue, it’s very delicate!

The kit has a winch and cable that hangs out the back of the fram, shame you wont see much of it once it’s all together…

With the frame assembled, the cab and deck soon followed.

Now it was time for the wheels. You have to love wheels if you want to build a famo!

The Paint

I started out with Poundland dark grey primer. These famo got used a lot but were kept surprisingly tidy. So I wasn’t going to go mad on the weathering.

Next came a black preshade, making sure all the engine compartment was blacked out so the metal would show up better. A base coat of AK dunglegelb next, focusing on the center of any panels and feathering out towards the edges.

Followed by a highlight of dunklegelb + white.

Now for some chipping. A ripped off a bit of upholstery foam and held it in a pair of vice tweezers. Using it to dab Vallejo black brown onto the edges where wear (what!?) accumulates.

I gave the same treatment to the wheels.

And other bits n bobs

Next it was the turn of the engine. I gave it a heavy drybrush of Tamiya gun metal…

And picked out the exhaust with Vallejo rust colours. Applied wet and blended together. Wish I’d painted the engine separately now >.<

I picked out a few pipes and details with copper and brass and then gave the whole things a wash of Tamiya Smoke. If you haven’t tried Tamiya smoke you should, it works miracles on metal parts and for simulating greese n grime.

Next I filled in the seats with some dark earth.

I don’t have a picture of the next stage for some reason but it’s pretty straight forward. A gloss coat to seal the paint, an oil wash of bunt umber and black and then clean off the wash from the panels once it’s dry with thinners and a cotton bud. I didn’t want the FAMO to look too battered and grubby so I cleaned it a few times till I got the look I was after…


I couldn’t put it off any longer and attached the wheels. It’s pretty straight forward but you might have to trim the axles or widen the holes in the wheels to get them to fit. Again, just take your time and dry fit everything first.


Those tracks could use some sag, so I crammed a bunch of toothpicks under the skirt and glued the tracks to the wheels in a few places with CA glue.

Much better. They look like they’ve got a a bit of weight to them now.

I gave it a matt coat to seal the oil paint and then went to work on the dash.

Another oil wash to tie the pieces together

And I’m done. I haven’t attached the rope to the crane yet as that might need adjusting once it’s on the dio. I’d like to have it lifting a side panel or replacement Panzer wheel…

Now to get to work on the trailer

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