Build & Review: Trumpeter #07249: 1/72 German Tank Transporter Pz.Kpfw.Sd.Ah.116

The Kit

20150816_205707I’d been after a tank transporter / trailer for a while to go on the back of my Sd.Kfz 9/1 for a while and managed to pick this up on eBay pretty cheaply.

I couldn’t find many source images so elected to build it out of the box in the same basic dunklegelb and weathering as the 9/1 as I intended to stage them together.

This is a ‘mixed media kit’ and comes with rubber wheels, a length of chain and some cotton rope.

The mould is flash free and easy to clean.

The Build

The build is strait forward. I elected to build mine in sub assemblies to facilitate painting. Starting with the front wheels…

And then the rear wheels and cab. I didn’t encounter any fit issues during the build but the wheel attachments felt a bit flimsy.

I kept the cab separate so I could paint the interior.

The bed didn’t take long.

And it’s ready for painting!

The Paint

Poundland car primer forms a solid base layer.

I wanted the bed of the trailer to be very worn. So I painted it wood first, so that would show through later layers of paint.

A base coat of Tamiya Wood Deck Tan XF-78

Followed by a warm brown acrylic wash to pick out the details.

Next I applied Vallejo Chipping mask with a sponge all over the bed (the shiny areas).

And then basecoated over the whole model with dunklegelb, concentrating on the center of panels and fading out to the edges.

Once the dunklegelb had dried, I scrubbed off the chipping mask with my finger to reveal the wood beneath.

The base colours down, I then applied the decals. Lots of Micro Sol and a hot Q-tip were used to get them to conform.

Next I chipped the whole model with Black Brown on a sponge. I tried to get the level of weathering close to the 9/1.

I left that to dry, then gloss coated with Vallejo gloss and then gave the whole thing a dirty brown oil wash.

When the oil was had dried, I cleaned it off from the centers of panels and areas where dirt wont accumulate, and then gave the whole thing a matt coat to seal. I also assembled the wheels ready to attach.

Finally, the wheels could be attached and the piece was done.

I have a diorama in mind for this and the 9/1. For now, here’s a taster with my battle damaged Panzer


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2 thoughts on “Build & Review: Trumpeter #07249: 1/72 German Tank Transporter Pz.Kpfw.Sd.Ah.116

  1. your model looks great.
    all the stuff in the background does not. it distracts from the model.
    I see this all the time on modelling sites. Great skill producing beautiful models
    which are photographed amidst a sea of background objects.

    1. Thanks. It was a great set of kits to build. They were built a few years ago along with the article when I was finding my feet as a model builder / blogger. I like to think I’ve got a bit better at my photography since then 🙂

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