Build & Review: Revell #03600 : 1/241 Star Wars Millennium Falcon

The Kit

A bit of a departure from my usual 1/72 scale builds, and while I wait for the cash to materialise for a 1/72 Falcon, I thought I’d try my hand at this kit from Revell.

It’s a tiny kit, both in size (100mm) and in part count (20) but it’s very nicely detailed and is a doddle to build. There was no flash or visible injector marks everything clips together without glue. I did glue mine with Tamiya extra thin just to stop things moving during painting.

The Build

Not much to say about the build. Instructions are simple, everything press fits together. The clear parts are way too thick for the scale so I’ve opted to paint in the glass. There is a cockpit, but you; can’t see it through the glass:

I primed it with my usual poundland grey primer and preshaded with Tamiya flat black (XF-1)

Next I airbrushed on the base coat, Tamiya Sky Grey (XF-19). It’s very small, but if you’re careful you can pick out individual panels.

Next, I isolated individual panels with masking tape and picked them out with Tamiya Royal Light Gray (XF-80).

I started applying the tiny red decals and quickly realised it would be better to free hand paint them. If I don’t get them exactly right and keep within the panels it’ll look like the paint’s chipped off. I hope…

Next I gloss coated the whole model with Vallejo Gloss to seal in the base coats.

Once it had dried under a lamp for a few hours, I dropped on dilute lamp black oil paint pin wash into the cracks. I cleaned up any mistakes with Sansodor on a cotton bud.

Once that had dried, I flat coated with Vallejo Matt varnish.

FInally comes a very light drybrush with the base coat colour along the edges to pick out the greeblies.

and some exhaust stains using Vallejo black oxide pigments.

I didn’t fancy trying to get a light kit into a kit this small so I painted the engine glow using successively whiter tones of blue with wet paint to help blend the edges.

Here’s the painted in cockpit. I think it works better than the glass one at this scale.

As luck would have it, it had snowed overnight giving me the perfect opportunity to take some crafty Hoth daylight pictures 😉


Many thanks to Chris for producing this photoshop!

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6 thoughts on “Build & Review: Revell #03600 : 1/241 Star Wars Millennium Falcon

    1. Thanks Chris. I think the drybrush was key to the overall effect. It’s got me itching to build one in a bigger scale, and try some more sci-fi stuff. I’ve got a 1/72 Aliens APC and Marine platoon in the stash….

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