Build & Review : Revell #03301 : 1/72 Russian Battle Tank T90-A

The Kit

This is a relatively new tooling from Revell. It was originally released in 2013 and then re-issued with new parts in 2014.

It’s up to Revell’s usual standard for it’s modern 1/72 armour – good enough for me (I’m definitely not a rivet counter) and builds into a nicely detailed little kit.

There are few push pin marks but thankfully all hidden once the kit is built.

The Build

The instructions were simple to follow, but there are a lot of small parts. The plastic Revell have used is forgiving, but don’t rely on that 😉

The build progressed quickly with no real problems…

Until I was mercilessly sniped by the dreaded Carpet Monster!

I lost one of the wheels >.<

Fortunately, I had some room temperature vulcanising rubber and some 2 part resin so I made up a quick plastic card frame…

Lightly glued the pieces to the bottom.

And cast 2 sets of wheels (front and back).

The first cast gave me a couple of successful pieces to work with (which is why I made more than one wheel 😉 )

And after a bit of clean up..

I then had 2 halves that I sanded the backs off to get the desired wheel width.

Glued the halves together and fitted them to the tank. I chose to sit them on the end (all the wheels are identical) so as not to have 2 real wheels either side highlighting any differences. There aren’t any I can see, but you know…

If I were to do this again, I’d try and cast the wheel in one piece. It was very laborious sanding the halves to the correct thickness.

I test fitted the main assemblies: Turret, top & base + tracks).

So, the tracks. They are plastic link n length. I hate ’em. I can never get them to fit on the sprockets correctly. I’m thankful the side skirt armour covers most of them.

The Paint

I started with my usual (but I’m switching to UMP Primer having had a play with it) Poundland car primer. Giving it an all over undercoat of base grey.

Here’s my weapons of choice for the modern urban colour scheme.

First a black pre-shade. There’s a craze going round the facebook and youtube builders for the black and white technique. This is how I’ve always done it, I should trade mark the “Grey and Black Technique” 😉

Base coat of Russian green. Trying to hit the centre of the million individual panels and fade out to the edges.

Next came the white camo. My airbrush was a bit spitty but I manage to cover that with weathering later. Covering up your mistakes is a primary scale model building skill 😉

Next I black-lined the white camo – this also helps cover up the spitty white.

I use an H&S Ultra airbrush with a .25 (I think? It’s been a while since I’ve changed it) needle and nozzle. I splashed out and got the pinch tip (worth it). Here’s something to get an idea of size.

I gloss coated where the (few) decals would go. This helps stop silvering as it gives the decals a very flat surface to settle on expelling any air. A dose of decal softing solution helps them to conform to any odd shapes.

Next I chipped the paintwork using a piece of sponge dipped in German black brown. My goto chipping colour. I tried to focus the chipping over the leading edges and areas of most use. This stage also helped mask the spitty white.

Once I was happy with the chipping, I sealed the whole model with gloss varnish.

And let it dry thoroughly.

I mixed up a dark brown, fairly thick oil wash and gave the whole kit a going over

Once that had dried, I cleaned off the majority of the wash from the flat surfaces with odourless thinners and sealed it with a matt varnish.

We had a rare day of sun, so I popped outside and took a few snaps.

Oh, this is the replacement wheel:

I finally made a dio

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8 thoughts on “Build & Review : Revell #03301 : 1/72 Russian Battle Tank T90-A

  1. This kit builds into something really fantastic, even with the substandard detail. Hopefully, Revell and other companies will begin to pay a little more attention to just how good the high priced kits go together, and we won’t have to spend uberbucks on aftermarket to improve a 100 dollar model.

  2. Great work man, but if you take a look at most all pics with t-90 u can see that the camo edges are more sharped than yours… what do you think?

    1. Hi Ricardo. Some are, some aren’t (I can find examples of both without looking too hard 😉 ). I did um & ah about making doing hard edge camo (probably brush painted as my masking isn’t too great), but I like my armour to look lived in and the airbrushed edges help with that look. Thanks for the question! 🙂

  3. I want to build a t-90 too and i am still not sure what camo technique should i use…What nozzle did u used, 0.03mm or 0.02mm?

    1. It was shot through a H&S Ultra 2 in 1 with the 0.02mm needle & nozzle. I upgraded the tip to a pinch tip (highly recommended, makes it so much easier to keep the tip clean).

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