Build & Review: Italeri #7065: 1/72 Sd. Kfz. 11 with PAK 40

The Kit

I’d been put off by Italeri kits in the past as I’d had trouble with the plastic, glue and oil paints refusing to cooperate. With some trepidation I started this Sd. Kfz. 11…

Assembly went without issue. Some of the parts look a bit thick, but once assembled everything looks pretty much in proportion.

There were no dramas during the build, even the link and length tracks went together without too much swearing. Take your time with them especially around the drive sprockets as most of the tracks are visible. There are no side skirts to hide any dodgy links.

I wanted to build the kit with the canvas roof partially open so a bit of kit bashing was in order.

I started with the kit roof and used a razor saw to remove the last few inches. Lining the cut up with the location of the roof support moulding.

I fashioned a roof support bar from some styrene rod and glued it to the inside as it would be visible from the newly opened rear.

I did the same for the front support.

I used a small diameter bit (1mm) held in a pin vice and drilled out some receiving holes for the rear support.

Next I used milliput white to sculpt a folded back section of roof tarp. As it dried, I smoothed out the surface to hide any fingerprints.

I dry fitted the roof to make sure everything lined up.

Next I turned my attention to the included figures. The driver looked a bit static so I repositioned one of the arms to lean on the door frame.

Plenty of dryfitting (I kept the bonnet as a separate piece so I could get access to the seats) to make sure everything lines up…


The Paint

I left everything to dry and then undercoated all the sub-assemblies and figures with poundland grey primer. I then preshaded the obvious places with Tamiya flat black.

I broke out my early german colours from Mig and applied a dunklegelb basecoat.

Once the basecoat was dry, I freehand airbrushed random dunklegrun and dunglebrun camo lines.

Once this coat was dry, I picked out the tools and details and I applied the decals. I didn’t bother with my usual gloss coat underneath as the decals are so tiny and unlikely to silver.

Once the decals had set I dabbed a sponge dipped in german black/brown along the exposed edges to chip the paint and gave the whole kit (apart from the roof) a vallejo gloss coat:

I left it to thoroughly dry overnight and then gave the whole piece a dirty brown oil paint wash. I concentrated the wash around the details and in the nooks and crannies.

As the oil wash started to dry I cleaned up the oils with odourless thinners.

Once the oils had dried, I gave it a matt coat to protect the oils.

I ground up a graphite pencil and smudged exposed edges where I chipped with my finger tip to give them a ‘live’ worn edge. It doesn’t come over well on the pictures unfortunately.

I intended to have a driver figure in this kit so I couldn’t finish till I’d painted up the driver. As there are 4 figures (gun crew) in total, I decided to do them all at the same time.

Not massively impressed with the figures to be honest, they might have been good sculpts originally, but they moulding processes doesn’t do them any favours.

I did minimal clean up, they are 1/72 and this isn’t a competition build – I think they came out Ok.

I gave them a base coat of flat black and then picked out the faces with a dark flesh tone. I used sandy german colours for the uniforms.

Once the base coats had dried I picked out the face ‘T’ (eyebrows and nose ridge) with a lighter flesh tone and picked out the fingers and other high points. I don’t try and paint eyes at 1/72.

I gave them a wash of acrylic black/brown and then dry brushed the uniforms with the original base colours. I finished with a very light drybrush of sandy yellow to simulate a bit of wear.

After a bit of jiggling and adjusting I got the driver in the front seat, the bonnet and windscreen in place. Finally I attached the roof.

I took it outside (in between british winter rain downpours) and got a few shots.

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