Build & Review: Hasegawa : #MT4 : 1/72 Medium Tank M3 Lee Mk.I

The Kit

237703-13652-58Released in 1991, this Revell kit still holds up.

The Build

It’s a simple, low part count kit that doesn’t take too long to stick together.

Take care fitting the undersides, I had a little difficulty and had to enlarge a few (thankfully invisible) locator holes to get them to fit. Both barrels are not designed to move, so pick a position and stick them in place. There are options to open hatches and I left 2 of them open¬†ready for a suitable figures. The kit comes with 2 figures, which I might end up using…

It took an evening to put together and then I prepped it for painting and undercoated with my usual poundland primer.

I wanted to do a ‘clean build’, with a just off the factory floor look. I usually do *some* weathering on my builds so it was a challenge not to dirty it up. I started with an earth brown preshade.

Followed by a flat US army green. It looks like I covered the preshading in this picture but in the real world it’s just visible.

Next I added the few decals and gloss coated ready for the first of many washes.

I made a dilute wash of burnt umber oil paint and odourless thinners and applied a pin wash, paying attention to the nice rivet detail and places where shadows would form.

I let the wash dry and then reapplied the wash 3 or 4 times, cleanup up any unwanted shadows with thinners on a cotton bud and a small brush.

The wooden crate on the back was painted up using Lifecolor Weathered Wood set.

I speeded up the drying process by cooking the model between two daylight lamps.

And more washes….

Until I was finally happy. I sealed the washes in with Vallejo matte varnish.

Lastly, I drybrushed a mix of us army green and white onto the edges and raised rivets. There is barely any paint on the brush for this.

It has the honour of being one of the first models I’ve photographed in my homemade light box. What do you think?

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