A squad of 1/72 US Marines in digicam derset gear next to a Bradley

Build & Review: Caesar Miniatures #HB11: 1/72 Modern US Soldiers in Action

The Kit

20151030_220405This is the first Caesar Miniatures set I’ve purchased and overall they are great, but a tiny bit oversized for 1/72. If 1/72 had a ‘hero scale’ like the Games Workshop 35mm’ this would be it. They are great for dotting around a dio but look a little large up against 1/72 models.

The figures are very nicely detailed and made from a rigid but pliable plastic. There is plenty of variety too with heads and kits swapped amongst 3 or 4 stances.

Caesers Miniatures Modern US Soldiers In Action

I only needed 6 of them for my squad. The figures were practically flash free.

The Paint

I used a mixture of Vallejo (flesh tones) & Tamiya (Black, Brown, Grey) to paint them after a poundland primer. I always basecoat my 1/72’s in black before I add colour.

There’s no way I can paint ‘digicam’ in 1/72 so I add random dots and splodges of digicam shades onto the base coat to give it an impression of digicam.

Next I gave them an acrylic wash of very dark brown to give the detail some contrast.

And once that was a dry, a very faint drybrush of light grey to catch the highlights.

I’d decided to take these to IPMS Telford 2015 along with my other Modern Desert Rats build so I needed a quick base.

I took an offcut of 3mm plasticard and cut it into a rough shape, attached a few rock flakes, textured it with poundland grount and some 1/72 housebricks then flocked it with budgy sand.

I gave it a quick airbrush with my the Vallejo Desert Modulation colours.

And were done.

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