Build & Review: Brother Vinni Nuclear Sandlot Robot (OOP)

Managed to grab a couple of hours to myself to put brush to plastic on Brother Vinni’s (not Fallout) Nuclear Sandlot Robot figure. It’s a lovely little figure and I didn’t spend too long painting it. Here’s how I got the battered, weatherbeaten look I was after.

I started with Black UMP primer and then an overspray from above with Tamiya XF-81 (Dark Green 2).

I drilled out a hole in the jet with a pin vice to hold the piece while I painted.

Next, I chipped along the edges and scratched the surface and filled in all the metallic parts with Tamiya X-10 (Gun metal).

I free hand cut a tiny 5 pointed star from a piece of masking tape.

And stuck it in place. I rubbed down the edges with the end of a blunt cocktail stick to make sure the paint wouldn’t seep under the edge.

I filled in the start with Vallejo Off White and base coated the eye sockets with Army Painter Mythical Orange.

And carefully removed the masking tape.

Not carefully enough.

I went over the pulled off paint with more gun metal, and then dabbed Army Painter Soft tone to build up some grime. I focused around the vents and panel lines to give them some contrast.

I gave the eye sockets a few coats of Army Painter Red Tone.

And finished up by adding some blueing around the jet with some Army Paint Blue and Red Tone.

All in a lovely figure. Sadly now out of production. They have other Fallout inspired figures over on their site though. I’ll certainly be picking some more up 🙂


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