Build and Review : Hasegawa #31134 : 1/72 Leopard 2

The Kit

This is a 1995 rebox with new decals of the original 1986 kit. Simple to assemble with few fiddly parts. The fit is great with no real need for any seam filling.

The tracks are one piece and fixed to the wheels. As the top of the tracks is covered by armour you don’t need to worry about sag. There’s a distinct lack of detail on the inside of the treads though.



The Build

The build went quickly with no dramas. There’s no in build pics, just follow the instructions:

The Paint

I started with my usual poundland primer (I’ve just upgraded to UMP’s rebranded Badger primer – a review coming up…).

Followed by a preshade using black.

Followed by a base coat of dark green.

The camo pattern was airbrushed on freehand with no mask. First the brown, then then black.

That was it for the base coats! Now time to gloss coat, add decals and pick out the details:

I gave it a burnt sienna wash to pick out the details and sealed it with a matt varnish coat.

I wanted to add some camo netting over the barrel. So I fixed a stretch bandage in place with PVA and moulded it into shape. I sprinkled some sawdust flock on for texture and let the whole thing dry.

Undercoated it black.

And drybrushed it with shades of green.

All done. I built a small dio for this one: On maneuvers in the Black Forest.

I’ll put together a tutorial for the log cabin dio. I don’t think I’d build the next log cabin the same way again, but it’s another technique to add to the library.

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