Hi, I’m (unsurprisingly) Richard and this is my blog about scale model building.

I tend to build military models in 1/72nd scale and tabletop wargaming terrain but I’ll have a go at anything.

I scratch build a lot of stuff and try to keep costs down by using scavenged  / free materials where I can.

I’m a member of International Scale Modeller (and on Facebook) and can often be found building stuff live on Google hangouts and facebook live events with them. Warning, it’s grown men acting like kids and definitely not child friendly.

Commission Builds

I’m not set up to do large scale productions and I tend to work on a couple of pieces at a time. If you’re looking for someone to build something for you there are better people set up to do that sort of thing. I’m always happy to help out on people projects though. If you’ve got an idea for something – drop me a line 🙂

Sponsored Reviews

I’m quite open to doing honest reviews of your model related products. Drop me a line over on the contact page and we’ll work something out.

Spare a talent for an old ex-leper!

If you like what you see here and would like to see more, you can help buy donating a little cash or an old kit from your stash towards the next build. I promise I won’t spend it all on beer and cheap hookers.

In Print and Elsewhere…

I occasionally produce content for others. Talk to me if you’d like me to write a review or model building article for you.

The Golden D6 Issue 11 – an edited reprint of my Frostgrave Ruined Bridge tutorial.


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